Falling in love with a cuisine, and moving on from the pressures and expectations of traditional high-end kitchens.

December 2022

Changing course from fashion to restaurant chef and cooking from the traditions of family and travel.
Splitting the difference between formal and chill by making dining social again.
Rebuilding a newsletter focused on one of the newest industries in technology.
Finding validation less in sales and success, and more in the authenticity of sincere communal experience.

November 2022

The Japanese tonkotsu ramen chain Tonchin tries something a little different with its second New York location, while preparing an LA expansion.
Farm to People's Michael Robinov on marrying convenience with direct connections to farmers.

October 2022

"Even though we could milk it for all it's worth, maybe let’s milk it for most of its worth, and leave a few drops."
A very tiny mystery, solved.
Turning away from celebrating (and celebrity) chefs to focus instead on the people and process that make up the vast majority of the food system.
Finally uniting his New York venues under one group, the longtime chef puts a philosophy of respect into practice.

September 2022

The Scarpatis return to New York for a third generation at Ferdi's, itself a callback to the family's first restaurant in the Bronx.