About F&BQ&A

F&BQ&A is exactly what the acronym stands for: question & answer interviews with interesting people in the food & beverage industry. F&B traditionally means restaurants and hospitality, but these Q&As also cover people in media, cooking, brewers, distillers, purveying, supply chains, and spaces between.

F&BQ&A is written and produced Chris Mohney, former editor of Zagat Stories.

F&BQ&A interviews are edited for length, clarity, and chronology. The goal is to preserve the sense of human beings in conversation rather than a composed and polished writerly narrative. The series also embraces the idea of mutual use—interview recordings and unedited transcripts are provided to interview subjects so they can make something of their own from the source material, should they so choose.

For now, F&BQ&A is weekly and free. Speaking of free, feel free to check out my other newsletter, Strange Work. It’s about work!

If you’d like to talk—or know someone who might—drop a line to fbqa@substack.com.

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Candid, personal conversations in the restaurant and hospitality industry.


Chris Mohney
Chris Mohney is a writer and editor and eater and drinker.